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NAR/RBGE_Epiphyte_Diversity_CC_Risk (MapServer)

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Service Description: To provide information relevant to spatial planning for improved woodland condition, and/or for increased woodland extent/connectivity. Landscapes with high diversity, high climate change exposure, but vulnerability in terms of woodland habitat availability, can be identified and targeted for action. Hectare: total extent of native woodland in hectares for each 10 km grid-square. Derived from the Native Woodland Survey of Scotland. Per_hectar: total extent of native woodland in hectares for each 10 km grid-square expressed as a percentile. Loss: the projected summed loss of suitable environmental space for epiphyte species experiencing a decline in environmental space, from the baseline to the 2080s (10 km grid-square scale) Per_loss: the projected summed loss of suitable environmental space, expressed as a percentile QQ: codes for all pairwise combinations of Per_hectare and Per_loss, when split into percentile categories of less than 0.25, 0.25-0.75, and greater than 0.75

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Copyright Text: Ellis, C.J. & Eaton, S. (2018) The biogeography of climate change risk for Scotland’s woodland biodiversity: epiphytes. Scottish Geographical Journal, 134: 257-267

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