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Hutton_NVZ_Soil_Texture_2016 (MapServer)

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Service Description: Methodology 1. Data on the individual soil profiles held within the Scottish Soils Database were used to determine the texture of each soil series shown on the 1:25 000 scale maps that delineate the NVZs. 2. The measured particle size data for each soil horizon (layer) was classified to a depth of 80 cm into a soil texture type based on the British Standard Texture Classes and assigned to one of the five categories (shallow soils - SS, sands - S, sandy loams - SL, other mineral soils - OMS, humose soils - HS, peaty soils - PS. 3. The digitial soils data were categorised according to these classes using expert knowledge to interpret the 1:25 000 soil series maps. 4. Where a soil series could not be allocated to one of these classes, for example, where soil textures changed abruptly with depth or where there were a significant proportion of the soil profiles examined had a different soil texture class, they were allocated to a hybrid class.

Map Name: Soil Texture


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