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Layer: Map of available water capacity (ID: 0)

Name: Map of available water capacity

Display Field: OBJECTID

Type: Feature Layer

Geometry Type: esriGeometryPolygon

Description: This available water capacity dataset is based on the digital (vector) version of the soils of Scotland 1:250 000 maps and the land cover of Scotland 1988 (MLURI, 1993). The proportion of water held in the soil at field capacity (5KPa) and at the permanent wilting point (1500kPa) was calculated for each soil horizon of each soil taxonomic unit (soil series) delineated within the 1:250 000 national soil map of Scotland based on pedotransfer functions (regression equations using median sand, silt, clay and organic carbon contents from the Scottish soils knowledge and information base (SSKIB) derived for soils in the UK (Hollis et al., 2015). The Available Water Content for each horizon was calculated by subtracting the water content at 1500 KPa from the water content at 5 kPa. The horizon thickness was then multiplied by the available water content (mm) and summed for the entire soil profile to 1 m or rock if <1m. The map shows the average available water capacity calculated using the areal proportions of all soils in each 1:250 000 soil map unit.

Copyright Text: Gagkas, Z., Lilly, A., Baggaley, N. & Donnelly, D. (2019). Map of available water capacity of soils in Scotland. James Hutton Institute. Aberdeen.

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