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Software authorization wizard

Once the installation is complete, the software authorization wizard opens. Use this to authorize the installation with an ArcGIS Mission Server license.

The software authorization wizard can also be opened manually using the search function in your computer's start menu.

When the software authorization wizard opens, you have the following options:

  • I have already installed my software and need to authorize it — Use this option if you used the installation wizard and are not reinstalling or repairing ArcGIS Mission Server or installing any extensions.
  • I have already authorized the software and need to authorize additional extensions — Use this option if you have custom extensions to install.
  • I have received an authorization file and am now ready to finish the authorization process — Use this option if you already installed ArcGIS Mission Server but stopped the installation before authorizing your software. This option is most commonly used as part of a silent installation.

Choose an option and click Next. Then choose one of the following options:

  • Authorize with Esri now using the internet (Recommended) — Select this option to proceed through the software authorization wizard and obtain your authorization code.
  • Authorize at Esri's website or by email to receive your authorization file — Select this option if you're authorizing in a disconnected environment.

After authorizing your software, create an ArcGIS Mission Server site.